Glee fans have waited a month for a new episode, and tomorrow night, at long last, the Fox musical comedy returns with "The Role You Were Born To Play." Those who can't wait for the episode to air to catch a few glimpses of what's ahead for some of the characters might want to watch these clips from the episode, which feature the return of some beloved characters.

The anticipated Grease! episode is on the horizon, but before that, we get "The Role You Were Born To Play," which airs tomorrow night and from the looks of it, has Artie determined to get Finn back on the William McKinley High School team - the theater team, not the football team. In this first clip, we see Artie trying to lure Finn away from his dissatisfying garage work to get him to help direct the new musical at WMHS.

Even after Artie gets Finn to help him out, it seems Finn's having doubts. Fortunately, Artie called in the cavalry!

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