Shonda Rhimes is a veteran producer, and she's made a name for herself at ABC over the years. Right now, she has several programs at the network, including Grey’s Anatomy, a show that is still a ratings bringer, and a newer drama, Scandal, which did so well at midseason last year that the show earned a full episode count this time around. If you are a fan of both shows, or just want to give them a shot, you’ll be able to do so when Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Ninth Season and Scandal: The Complete Second Season will hit DVD later this year.


Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Ninth Season will hit DVD first, becoming available for purchase on August 27. Season 9 begins during the aftermath of a plane crash that brought death and loss to the hospital. Despite the Season 8 tragedy, Season 9 still manages to offer as many happy notes as it does sad ones. Some notable stars also show up, including Neve Campbell. The DVD is already available for pre-order over at Amazon and will come with a few bonus features, including an extended finale episode, spotlights on some of the actors, deleted scenes, and outtakes.


Scandal’s Season 2 set will be available just a week later, on September 3. Believe it or not, Scandal became even more scandalous in Season 2, and plenty of deep-rooted secrets about Olivia Pope and some of her associates are uncovered that make the series a must-watch, if you are into that sort of fluffy drama. Like Grey’s Anatomy, extended episodes, deleted scenes, and outtakes will be available with DVD copies, as will a featurette on the famed Presidential assassination attempt and segment looking into Guillermo Diaz’s character, Huck.

Both Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal have been renewed for new seasons and the DVD releases are likely timed to get people excited about the new fodder. You can check out ABC’s fall schedule, here.

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