The award winning team behind HBO's fantastic political drama Recount are back with an adaptation of the best selling book "Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime" by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. Adapted for the premium cable network by Danny Strong and directed by Jay Roach, HBO's Game Change will explore the behind-the-scenes events of the intense and surprising 2008 Presidential election. You know, the one with the Hockey Mom who could see Russia from her house in Alaska.

The fact that the same creatives as Recount are also behind this special already gives me great confidence that the television film will be poignant, unrelenting and all done with comedic flair. The last part is key because you can't tell this story without capturing the absurdity of the whole enterprise and how a Governor from probably the most forgettable state in the union (sorry Alaska, I'm still bitter that you aren't part of Canada) was plucked from obscurity and put on the National stage. And this first preview captures the vast tonal range perfectly - both intense, important and yet, at times irreverent -and it's once again set to The Guess Who's "American Woman." How fitting, if not a bit cliche.

This first full trailer for the special is pretty sensational. Like I said, not a huge fan of the music, however, that's a minor point to dwell on when there is so much to love - mostly the extended looks at the uncanny performances delivered by Ed Harris and, the incredible, Julianne Moore. Harris looks spot on as John McCain and his arc will be perhaps the most fascinating, watching him change from the man we knew from his The Daily Show visits to the presidential candidate who seemingly lost a lot of his core beliefs along the way. Moore is going to win any and all acting awards. I don't even need to see anymore, the trailer is enough. She captures everything we know about Sarah Palin, her look and her speech, as well as diving deeper into the actual person behind the cameras and tailor made suits. Oh, and having Woody Harrelson in anything doesn't hurt. Take a look and mark your calendars.

Game Change airs Saturday, March 10 on HBO. It stars Julianne Moore, Ed Harris and Woody Harrelson.

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