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Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Hana 'a'a Makehewa

First of all, I apologize for the tardiness of this recap. I have excuses, but it’s really irrelevant since no matter what, you’re getting the recap now, and not a day and a half ago like you should have. Regardless, this week’s episode was well worth the wait by my estimation. Chin had a bomb strapped to his neck that looked eerily like something that could be picked up at your local Petco and we finally got a little bit of closure on Victor Hess; you know, the guy that killed Steve McGarrett’s father way back when.

Not only is it nice that Hawaii Five-0 is finally tying together the beginning and the end of the season, it’s exciting to finally see some big characters come out of the woodworks; in particular, Wo Fat. I won’t pretend I know anything about the original Five-0 other than what I have read in comments on these posts. All I know is that this guy was a major nemesis for McGarrett in the original show and it’s pretty exciting to see that there will be an actual battle coming up this season; because up until now, McGarrett has pretty much rolled everyone he has come across thus far.

So, what did we learn this episode? Well, that whatever McGarrett’s father was investigating involves Wo Fat in one way or another. We also know that Steve McGarrett is getting “too close” to uncovering the truth, as revealed by Victor Hess - who is now locked up. I can’t be the only one slightly disappointed that McGarrett didn’t beat him to death in that Hawaiian field; but, I suppose that wouldn’t shed a terribly positive light on the hero of Five-0.

We also learned the source of Chin’s investigation: a huge drug bust that brought in 28 million dollars. Apparently some of the cash started to go missing and Chin was framed to get him off the case. It worked, and that’s why Chin is no longer with Honolulu PD. This money proved to be important in this episode as McGarrett and Dano stole ten million out of the ‘vault’ to pay Hess, who had demanded the money as a ransom for Chin’s life. As one might expect, the deal did not go exactly as planned. And as I certainly expected, Kono didn’t have the decency to shoot Hess in the face when he tossed the money into a fire pit. Expect the missing money to be an end of season plot line, because I’d imagine that McGarrett is going to be in some serious trouble when HPD finds out what happened.

This week’s episode proved to be very informative, and pretty damn entertaining as well. Lots of running around and excitement while taking the time to explain away some of the questions that had brewed over the course of the season. I must say that with the season winding down, I will definitely be looking forward to the show’s second season if it is in fact renewed for one.