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Heathers, the original Mean Girls with a much darker twist, is in development to be rebooted into a potential drama series at Bravo. The 1988 feature that starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater was sold into development at Fox in 2009, but didn’t go anywhere. Bravo has now picked it up along with several other new dramas in development.

The drama project, according to THR would be a continuation of the original story that picks up 20 years later. Veronica, who took on first the clique of girls named Heather and then her psychotic boyfriend in the original film, will come back to her home town with her daughter. The new breed of Heathers is the Ashleys, a clique of mean, popular girls everyone wants to be. And of course, the Ashleys are the daughters of the original Heathers. Minus of course, the lead Heather who died in the original film. Perhaps Winona Ryder could come back and play Veronica again?

Heathers is the second project being redeveloped at Bravo that was originally sold to another network. They picked up a former ABC project, The Jones last month. It’s another project that is based on a feature film, this time the Demi Moore and David Duchovny movie.

Also added to the development slate for Bravo are four other dramas. Apartment is about two women who inherit an apartment where they discover their mother had an ongoing affair. They decide to rent the place out to other illicit lovers. The Darlings is based on a novel about a wealthy Manhattan family embroiled in a scandal after the patriarch commits suicide and his Ponzi scheme is revealed. All America Girl is a multi-generational drama about the employees of a fashion magazine, based on the true story of writer Jenni Ross’ mother’s time with Seventeen magazine. Finally, there’s Rita, a family drama about a private school teacher struggling with work and family life.

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