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Though the new zombie actioner Z Nation and the returning drama Haven have recently started their seasons, Syfy is waiting for the midseason to bring out the biggest guns in their lineup. One of those is the off-the-rails bio-thriller Helix, and above is the first look at the non-Arctic Season 2. Following in the footsteps of Speed 2: Cruise Control, this time, it’s on a boat.

Well, some of it is on a boat, anyway. In particular, a Windjammer, where a new outbreak of a new disease has been discovered. So now it’s up to Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) and Dr. Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes) to figure it out. Is it related to the NARVIK virus, which was reportedly already in another part of the world, or is it something completely unrelated? Are these people going to wake up and turn into vectors?


In case you thought this new storyline would mean Julia’s whereabouts would take a backseat, she at least shows up in the trailer for one context-free moment. Season 1 ended with her working for Ilaria in Paris. She went through some pretty heavy stuff as the first season went on, finding out crazy shit about both of her parents and being ripped away once again from both Alan and Peter. Find a new man in Europe, Jules.


There’s not a lot to go in this teaser, but I’m intrigued by the shot of someone standing in front of a big gate while holding a torch. It’s not your typical sci-fi move, unless you’re a townperson who wants Frankenstein’s creature to be destroyed. Part of Season 2 will take Helix to a mysterious island, where a cult headed by Steven Weber is attempting to create a pristine utopia. Perhaps the gate is the entrance to Weber’s mansion headquarters. Or maybe this is somewhere else completely. Either way, at least Helix is finally away from the dark snow and the gray labs.


This season sounds a little bit like TNT’s The Last Ship, but Helix is much more WTF and bombastic, so the similarities should be few. Who could expect less from Syfy? Find out just how crazy things get when Helix returns for Season 2 in January. Can I say how good it is to see Peter in street clothes?

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