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"At Arctic BioSystems, we use meditation to counteract the effects of stress,” a peaceful voice tells the three people sitting cross-legged under ultraviolet lighting. She encourages them to relax their minds and focus on a meaningful word, progress. Most of the minute-and-a-half video teasing Syfy’s new series Helix seems like little more than a teasy glimpse at a meditation session. What works so great about it is the calming effect the video actually has on the viewer before revealing the incredibly creepy sight of a woman bleeding black stuff out her eyes. Seems like things are about to get very un-calm at Arctic BioSystems.


But isn’t that what Syfy’s been promising us since about November when they debuted the first trailer for the upcoming series? Executive produced by Ronald D. Moore, Helix is set in the Arctic and follows a CDC field team -- led by Billy Campbell's Dr. Alan Farragut -- that heads to a research facility to investigate circumstances that may lead to a deadly outbreak. The above teaser falls in line with the creepy ear-oozing teaser that debuted back in April. Since then, we’ve seen quite a bit more from the drama, which seems set up to be part thriller, part drama, part horror and a little bit of mystery…

You can get an even better sense of the plot of the show from this video, which features the cast talking about what’s going on at this facility…

There are more videos focusing on different aspects of this new Syfy series here. And you can check out the photos we took on the set of the series earlier this fall here.

Helix premieres Friday, January 10 at 10/9c on Syfy.

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