FEARnet’s first foray into the world of scripted television is almost here; much to the surprise of many, Holliston is a comedy, albeit described as a “twisted” one. The series was created by and stars Adam Green, who fits right in with FEARnet, with his background in horror (although it’s probably only hardcore horror fans who know his name).

Holliston is semi-auto-biographical, Green told The Hollywood Reporter; it draws on his lean early years attempting to make it in the film industry. It also takes place in Green’s actual hometown of Hollistion, MA. The multi-camera comedy follows two buddies, played by Green and Joe Lynch, who are just out of college and working at a cable-access channel. The two are hosts of a late-night show entitled The Movie Crypt which no doubt focuses on the horror genre. Oh, and Green’s friend Dee Snider (yes, the guy from Twisted Sister) appears in the show too - in full makeup. How’s that for scary?

Green says he looked to comedies like Seinfeld and Taxi for inspiration with the goal of creating a realistic but funny look at the daily struggles of average, ordinary people (who happen to be big horror fans). Says Green:
“Too often, sitcoms have supermodel-looking casts who somehow exist in a world where they magically have money, fancy clothes and nice living accommodations, Holliston focuses on that period of life when nothing is coming together like they told you it would."

Here’s a video clip from Holliston, which premieres on FEARnet tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET.

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