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Despite previous and increasing reservations about where the terrorist thriller was headed, last week, Showtime's Homeland once again proved that we shouldn't be so quick to worry because the writers, well, they know exactly what they are doing. "Representative Brody" did an exceptional job of reigning in the more outrageous twists and returning to focus heavily on character development. And the, everything went BOOM! A great finish that makes waiting for this Sunday's "The Vest" all the more difficult. At least we get an early taste.

Last week ended with the show's first successful terrorist attack on American soil and also had our CIA analyst, Carrie Mathison, caught in the blast radius. Seriously injured, it seems as though the gung-ho operative might have to take it easy for a short while and learn to relax. Of course, if you have watched the first ten episodes of Homeland you would know that this is not really an option for Claire Danes' Carrie. In the first preview clip, you can see Saul do his best to keep her from getting too worked up and yet, she's flying a million miles a minute trying to work out the inconsistencies in the perceived terrorist threat and how they should expect much, much more from Abu Nazir.

In the second preview, we get to spend time with the series' other lead, Damian Lewis and Marine Sergeant Sniper Nicholas Brody - who, all this time, has been working with Abu Nazir and involved in the terrorist plot (even if not always fully informed as was the case with the re-appearance of Tom Walker). As usual, it Carrie's seemingly paranoid ramblings are proving more and more likely as Walker and the Marine One / Presidential sniper plot is only one small aspect of the plot. The other part, well, it looks like that's left in the hands of Brody who comes across (thanks to Lewis' brilliant portrayal) as even more unhinged this week. Watch as he tries his best to explain to his son the reasons behind certain wars, almost like he's prepping him for what's to come.

Take a look at the clips and judge for yourself.

As always, those in the right region can also watch the preview for "The Vest." It's a faster cut, more intense and fuller look at the episode...

Homeland airs on Showtime, Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It stars Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin.

Official synopsis via Showtime's website,
In the wake of the explosion, Saul finds Carrie hospitalized and manic, but realizes her chaotic theories have merit; before his congressional campaign begins, Brody takes his family on a weekend trip to Gettysburg, where he retrieves an important item.