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If you caught last Sunday night’s premiere of Showtime’s excellent new drama series Homeland, you might be interested in what’s to come for the show in its second episode, which airs Sunday night. We have a clip to show you, as well as a video featuring the series creators as they talk about the show and their intentions.

One of the greatest things about Homeland so far is not knowing whether Claire Danes’ character Carrie is on the right track in suspecting Brody is a terrorist, or if Brody is really just a man hoping to reclaim his life after spending eight years being tortured. From what creators Alex Ganza and Howard Gordon have to say in this video, it seems they’re looking to keep us guessing. “Homeland will challenge people’s notions of what a hero and a villain are,” Gordons. Ganza takes it further, stating, “If we can get the audience to sympathize with a character who might be a terrorist, then we’ve succeeded.” Tricky! Let the mind-games begin!

As for what’s to come, here’s a clip from this Sunday’s episode:

What’s going on in the garage?!

Homeland airs Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

You can watch the full first episode online here.

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