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Spoilers for The Walking Dead comic series ahead.

Possibly the most controversial moment in The Walking Dead’s six seasons thus far has been the near death of Glenn Rhee. The shocker in “Thank You” where it seemed like Glenn was ripped apart by a herd of walkers seemed like a huge and devastating moment for the series. Then the after show The Talking Dead hinted at his return, and we were subjected to weeks of wondering what would happen. Actor Steven Yeun, who portrays the pizza delivery boy on the AMC drama recently opened up regarding how he’d feel if Glenn had actually bit the dust:
There’s two parts of me on that. I think there’s a part of me that says, ‘Man, I would have loved to have gotten a farewell where they have an episode for Glenn, and you get to recap in a weird way who he is, and then all of a sudden he’s taken away.’ But there’s also something super-awesome about just getting ripped away from people, you know? And I don’t know if it’s right for that medium.

Steven Yeun’s comment, which comes to us from EW, makes total sense on a few levels. Let’s break it down.

First Steven Yeun references how “Thank You” seemed to be a bit of a final hurrah for Glenn. Glenn spent the episode trying to protect and help Michonne get the Alexandrians home safe. After their mission diverting the massive horde of walkers away goes awry, the situation quickly becomes dire. The small group of Alexandrians start facing challenges including a twisted ankle and a zombie bite and basically start dropping like flies. Additionally, the clearly unstable Nicholas has to take the lead and bring the group through the town they ended up in. Glenn’s generous nature is shown as he refuses to give up on the Alexandrians and decides to put himself in danger so they could escape.

Things felt even more like Glenn’s final moments during his time speaking to Rick on the walkie-talkie. The Walking Dead called back to the pilot episode, with him calling Rick a dumbass like he did when Rick was in the tank. That’s the moment where I figured he was done for. Of course, I was wrong.

Steven Yeun also references Glenn’s death in the comics. Glenn’s fatal beating at the hands of Negan came completely out of nowhere in the graphic novels. In what seemed like a normal edition, one of the most important characters was suddenly killed. Apparently, Yeun thinks that this wouldn’t be appropriate in the TV series, as the fans would need more of a send off if Glenn would be killed. As he said, TV isn’t the right medium for such a violent turn of events. 

The final comment about TV not being the right medium for Glenn’s death to mirror the comics has made me pretty secure that he’s not dying anytime soon. After the fake death, fans aren’t going to be happy seeing Glenn go anywhere. 

Now the question is: who is going to be at the receiving end of Negan’s bat?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC tomorrow, February 14th.