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Now we’re talking! While I’m not of the mindset that more guest-star appearances is what Fox’s Glee needs in order to tap into its true potential and maybe get the show back up to what it was in Season 1, I’m willing to make a very big exception when it comes to certain people and Idina Menzel is definitely on that list.

I never got to see Menzel in Rent, but I’ve listened to her belt out Maureen’s songs on the soundtrack more times than I care to admit, and I did get to see her in Wicked. She’s fabulous, but if you know who she is, you probably already know that.

My Broadway-geeking aside, Menzel played a fairly crucial role in Season 1 of Glee. Not only was she the determined leader of New Directions biggest rival, Vocal Adrenaline, but she also turned out to be Rachel’s biological mother. She went on to adopt Quinn and Puck’s baby, after which, she drifted off into the sunset, while Puck and Quinn returned to normality as though the baby never existed. It seems that story may be coming back when Season 3 returns.

According to Deadline, Menzel’s in the final stages of negotiations to return to the Fox musical-dramedy. What’s more, her character Shelby may be returning for a major arc, appearing in as many as a dozen episodes from the season. While Deadline mentions no specifics on whether or not Quinn and Puck’s baby will play a role in the show, the site does state that Shelby’s presence complicates things for Rachel, as well as for Will, who sort of had a thing with Shelby.

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