Next month, America’s (self-proclaimed) most inspiring series will return. It’s Always Sunny is embracing the drama, the laughter, the tears, and some added weight in these clever teasers.

As much as I love the ultra-dramatic narration, set over ultra-dramatic clips of the cast, I think it’s the narrator’s emphasis on “ffffF-Xsss” that really gets me laughing. If that’s not enough for you, perhaps watching Mac hold his gut while staring out at the rain will do the trick . Go ahead. Be inspired. We won’t try to stop you.

Here's the Mac one, which we posted earlier this week, but it's definitely worth watching again!

There are a few more of these teasers, all of which you’ll probably be able to see on FX at some point. Otherwise, you can check them out on the Sunny Youtube Channel: here..

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns for Season 7 on September 15th on FX(sssss).

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