I'm still not quite sure how exactly Syfy went from the channel that gave us Farscape and Battlestar Galactica to a network overrun by paranormal "reality" shows. Probably the same way it went from The Sci-Fi Channel to Syfy, I guess. At any rate, if they're going to fill their airwaves with questionable psychics and ghost-hunting plumbers, the least they can do is have a sense of humor about it. Perhaps Ghost Ghirls, a new half-hour paranormal comedy exec produced by Jack Black, will help on that front.

Deadline reports that the show will spoof paranormal procedural shows such as Medium and Ghost Whisperer (not to mention, presumably, Syfy's own stable of paranormal shows). Created by Jeremy Konner, Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci, Ghost Ghirls will star Lund and Blasucci as partner ghost hunters, one a "self-proclaimed psychic" and the other a tech specialist. Each episode they'll team up to try and solve paranormal-related mysteries. Notice it doesn't say the character actually is psychic, only that she claims to be. I'd imagine that ambiguity will be played for laughs often.

It's still way too early to tell whether Ghost Ghirls will become anything more than a promising premise, but I'm all for having a show take the piss out of this particular subject matter. Sitcoms are still uncharted territory (or perhaps Undiscovered Country is a more SF-friendly metaphor) for Syfy, but -- assuming the show is funny -- I'd certainly rather see Ghost Ghirls than, say, another season of Legend Quest.

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