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Jay Karnes, who plays Detective "Dutch" Wagenbach on The Shield, is jumping over to a new show on FX. Karnes is set to join Shield writer-executive producer Kurt Sutter in a recurring role on his new drama, Sons of Anarchy. Karnes has signed up for a six-episode run on Anarchy, which premieres in September. While the seventh and final season of The Shield is also returning in September, there won't be any conflict, as shooting on the cop drama wrapped at the end of last year.

Karnes plays an ATF agent on Anarchy, a drama that focuses on a motorcycle "club" (I guess they're nicer than a "gang") trying to keep drug dealers and real estate developers out of their small California town. Katey Segal, Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam star on the show.

This is the first I'm hearing of Sons of Anarchy, but Karnes' addition to the cast definitely excites me. I'd never seen him before The Shield, but Dutch quickly became one of my favorite characters. The combination of his cringe-worthy social awkwardness and superior detective skills make him fun to watch and root for, but man, can that guy do creepy well--the episode in which he strangled a stray cat pretty much scarred me for life. I've been counting down the days until The Shield returns, and now I have something else to add to my calendar.