Soon Wilfred, sorry, Jason Gann won't be the only bloke on the block with fellow Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies' Legit coming to FX in just a few weeks. Unlike his canine-suited counterpart, Legit is not an American adaptation of a pre-existing Australian series but instead a brand new comedy developed by the network, Jefferies and co-creator Peter O'Fallon.

The series follows Jim (both the actor and character's name), a comedian (both the actor and character's profession), and "his misguided attempts to become legitimate in life." I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what that means. Like overall, just more legitimate? Authentic? A better person? Successful? Well, whatever it is, Jim is not alone in this 13 episode endeavour as his best friend Steve (played by Dan Bakkedahl) and Steve's brother Billy (D.J. Qualls in a motorized wheelchair) are always around for encouragement.

For those unfamiliar with Jefferies stand-up, I suggest you take some time browsing YouTube for clips or check out his HBO Special I Swear to God to see if his brand of comedy matches your taste. His material is usually in poor taste but undeniably funny. There haven't been many promos for Legit, it's not like it's a new series that premieres in two weeks, but here are a couple that briefly showcase his world-skew. The first clip is called "Goggles" and, well, we've all heard about 'beer goggles,' right?

The "Goggles" spot also reminded me of the first few promos for Wilfred which also didn't set up the show's story or bother with any actual footage. For a bit more in-depth look at Legit, FX also uploaded a "Behind the Scenes" video but again, not much can really be ascertained except his comedic tone. Take a look.

What do you think? Will Legit be another stellar addition to FX's comedy line-up? Or fall as flat as the promotion so far? It's airing after Archer so I'll probably stick around to check it out. Legit premieres on Thursday, January 17 at 10:30 p.m. on FX.

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