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Julia Roberts and her longtime collaborator, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, have put together a new project in the hopes they will be able to bring it to television. The workplace comedy project, called Taming of the Shrew, has been bought by ABC. Meet the Fockers writer Marc Hyman is writing the project, and Hyman, Roberts, and Goldsmith-Thomas are set to executive produce.

With a name so blatantly pulled from a famous work by Shakespeare, you would think Taming of the Shrew would be based on the bard’s famous play. However, Deadline says it ain’t so. Instead, the project will follow a female boss at a large company who has problems with keeping her temper under control. Wanting to remedy the issue, her staff will work to “tame the shrew.” That latter part actually sounds a little like Shakespeare’s work, which follows a headstrong woman who is eventually tamed and made obedient in her relationship. With its modern day bent, I see few other similarities, however.

I’m pretty interested in what the trio of executive producers can bring to the table. Hyman actually has some experience in television, having written for the Sweet Valley High series way back in the 1990s. Roberts and Goldsmith-Thomas, too, have had a little bit of TV producing experience, lending a hand to the failed series Queens Supreme back in 2003. I guess Roberts and Goldsmith-Thomas will mostly put their trust in their other producing experience, which includes two American Girl films, among others. Without knowing more about the project, it’s hard to tell if Taming of the Shrew will make it to the pilot stages, but at least it has a memorable, and blatantly stolen name, to back it up.

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