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It seems like everyone wants to be in the Justin Lin business, even when it's for projects that seem oddly out of his comfort zone. But hey, this is the man who made the Fast and the Furious franchise not only a continual blockbuster hit but eventually even liked by critics. The phrase "miracle worker" may be appropriate. Not long after that feat, Lin signed an overall deal with Sony Pictures Television and his first project, which will play on NBC, is a show about ping pong.

THR reports that the director-producer, along with Leverage writers' Michael Colton and John Aboud, are adapting the Roger Bennett and Eli Horowitz book "Everything You Know is Pong" for a show succinctly titled Pong. The book on which the show will be based is an "illustrated tribute to ping pong and includes tales from the table; from Nick Hornby and the New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz, among others." The source material inspires confidence but the pair adapting the work, well, who the hell has heard of Leverage? Timothy Hutton has been on TV for four seasons? Is it good? TNT does know drama.

Now, if Lin was also one board to direct the pilot or even a series of episodes, I would be a liitle more enthused because the man, for lack of a better term, gots skills. Fast Five was likely the best action movie of the entire summer, which won him a first look at the new Terminator film and as many Fast and Furious movies he wants to to, with six already on the way (apparently he's already shot the ending). He also directed three of the most memorable episodes of Community, including the now legendary "Modern Warfare" paintball episode. Lin is a really talented guy but with a full production slate it's difficult to gauge just how involved he'll be in the project.

Official synopsis from the book's website,
Every sport claims to be the world's game; soccer, basketball, kabaddi. But none can match the global status acquired by modest, ubiquitous ping pong; the most popular yet misunderstood pastime in the world today, a sleeping giant of fast-paced fun. Join us on a journey into the dark corners and distant alleys of this ponging globe, from suburban basements of misspent youths to Bangkok backrooms to New Jersey rec rooms to Beijing stadia to dwarf child champions to elderly enthusiasts to Hollywood hipsters to perky porn stars. This cast of thousands, combined with artifacts from the authors' ever-growing collection of pingpongalia, reveals the hidden truths of the world behind the world: the secrets of eternal youth, guerrilla warfare, foolproof seduction, fame and adulation - all explained through two paddles, sixty inches of net, and a bouncing, bouncing ball. A world where everything you know is pong.

This beautifully illustrated unabashed loveletter to Ping Pong includes essays from such paddle-weilding luminaries as Nick Hornby, Jonathan Safran Foer, Harry Evans, Will Shorts, Davy Rothbart and Starlee Kine.