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Kelsey Grammer’s probably most known for being funny and for the handful of Emmy awards he’s won for his starring role in the comedy series Frasier. Based on this teaser for Starz’ upcoming drama series Boss, we’re about to see a much more intense side to the actor.

Grammer's voice is another thing he's known for and if I had a top-ten list of all time favorite male voices (spoken word), his would be on it, along with Jim Dale, Phil Hartman, James Earl Jones and of course, Morgan Freeman. I’d also include Samuel L. Jackson but only if he’s screaming. Watching the teaser below, which features Grammer’s Boss character, Tom Kane (Chicago Mayor), I’m curious to know if he’ll be doing voice-overs during the actual episodes. Regardless, I’m looking forward to hearing him talk and seeing more of his serious side.

Boss stars Grammer as Mayor Tom Kane, a man who’s not above taking morally questionable steps to get his job done. Kane’s keeping the fact that he has a degenerative brain disorder a secret from everyone, including his wife Meredith (Connie Nielsen). Kathleen Robertson plays Kity O’Neil, Kane’s advisor, who suspects there’s something not-right about her boss. And Kane’s estranged daughter Alice (Hannah Ware) may also learn of the secret.

Boss premieres on Starz in October 2011.