Apparently Kiefer Sutherland is network loyal. The former star of Fox’s 24 has an eye on a new drama pilot, also being produced by 20th Century Fox TV, as well as Chernin Entertainment. If Sutherland takes the role he will be playing the father of a mute and autistic boy who has amazing prediction capabilities. I’ll give you three guesses to figure out who is behind this plot. And, no, it’s not M Night Shyamalan.

If you guessed Heroes creator Tim Kring, you’d be right on the money. Kring has already written the speculative screenplay for the project, but the show, called Touched, is not set in stone yet. Deadline reports there may be complications, namely that Sutherland is in the middle of his first Broadway production, Jason Miller’s That Champion Season, which only opened a week ago. A less pressing issue is that Touched currently has no pilot director, although Charles McDougall, pilot aficionado (the man has The Good Wife and Desperate Housewives under his belt), is currently getting chatted up for the position.

In its abstract form Touched holds a lot of promise. Heroes had a great premise and a great initial few episodes and 24 was the best of the "pretty good" shows during its lengthy run. Maybe combined Kring and Sutherland can produce a product that has both a great premise and lasting power.

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