If you thought that the best Kung Fu-related thing you’d ever see on your TV screens was the David Carradine series, then you’re about to get your faces blown out of the back of your skulls. The hilariously off-the-wall 1980s throwback short film Kung Fury is going from Kickstarter success to TV masterpiece, as the El Rey Network has acquired it to bring to audiences later this month. Check out the fantastic trailer below.
This will almost certainly be magnificence of the highest order, possibly depending on who the highest person is in the room. Written and directed by Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg, who also plays the titular role (because yes, that is a name), Kung Fury will tell the reality-bending story of a Miami-Dade detective and martial artist who travels back in time from the ‘80s to the 1940s to take on Adolf Hitler in an attempt to avenge his friend’s death. Biggest selling point about this? Hitler is called “Kung Führer!” A pun is going to win me over every time.


The time travel aspect doesn’t end there, and Kung Fury accidentally goes back to the time of Vikings, where he gets a female Viking and the non-superhero Thor to help him on his vengeful quest. If there’s anything cooler than a Viking holding a gun, then it’s probably elsewhere in Kung Fury.

And that’s not all. Kung Fury will also feature some of these characters mixing it up with dinosaurs, because why not? As well, the Power Glove appears to play into things at some point. I’m pretty sure you can say any noun, and there’s at least a 40% chance it’ll show up in Kung Fury at some point. It makes total since that Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey is the home for the short’s world broadcast premiere, since it fits right into the Grindhouse style that Rodriguez likes to hit upon every so often. Now I NEED to see a Machete/Kung Fury crossover movie.

If the above trailer wasn’t enough for you, check out this full-length promo, released at the end of 2013 when the film began its Kickstarter campaign, for which it raised over $630,000 from a $200,000 goal.

Kung Fury will air on El Rey on Thursday, May 28, in the pre-primetime slot of 6:30 p.m. ET. While you’re waiting, check out the hilarious music video for the film’s song “True Survivor,” as performed with 1980s professionalism by David Hasselhoff.

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