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Last Call With Carson Daly Renewed, Alec Baldwin Won't Take Over

The early rumors that NBC’s late-night scheduling would be completely flipped on its head have now been diverted. While it has absolutely been confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will take over for Jay Leno’s timeslot, leaving the 12:35 slot open, as it turns out, Alec Baldwin will not be taking over the Last Call with Carson Daly slot. On Thursday, NBC announced Last Call has been renewed for Season 13.

Last Call with Carson Daly is, by no means, the best late night talk show I’ve ever seen. However, Daly has built a brand for himself at NBC, doing well in the ratings for super late in the evening, as well as hosting The Voice. The idea that Baldwin could take over for Daly would only make sense to me if NBC had plans to move Daly to the open earlier timeslot, and that clearly isn’t happening. The pick-up and move dynamic of Carson’s 1:35 a.m. slot is perfect for the younger-skewing timeslot.

As things stand at NBC, Fallon will host opposite Kimmel at ABC and Letterman at CBS in 2014 (should Letterman choose to stay in the game). Right now, the 12:35 slot is open, but reportedly Seth Meyers is getting a shot at that timeslot. Last Call with Carson Daly will continue to wrap up the night on NBC. NBC has been pretty quick about nipping the Baldwin rumor in the bud, and hopefully the network will be equally quick about making a decision concerning the post-Fallon slot.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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