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Bruce Springsteen has been gearing up for his new album, Wrecking Ball, for a while. Some of the hype surrounding the Boss’ 17th studio has stemmed a bit from a pointed interview the 62-year-old songwriter gave last week that was a little political in nature, but also described why his music works so well. Now, NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon plans to give Wrecking Ball another little boost, thanks to some guest stars and the first ever Springsteen week.

Alright, so next week hasn’t officially been coined Springsteen week, but it should be. Beginning Monday, Late Night plans to kick off its Springsteen tribute with a musical appearance from the veteran musician and his E Street band. THR is reporting that won’t be the last we see from the band, however. The whole gang will return on Friday, March 2, for an interview and a little more music.

How can a show capably have a full week of Springsteen with only two nights of Springsteen appearing on the show? On Tuesday, Kenny Chesney will join NBC late at night to perform “I’m on Fire.” Then, on Thursday, Elvis Costello will head over to Late Night to play with The Roots. I’m so fucking excited I’m considering pulling that movie device where a chick hides out in the closet to screech with giddy momentum, and then returns to the real world by smoothing out her skirt and pretending nothing happened.

I haven’t been this enthusiastic about late night TV since Fallon disguised himself as Neil Young and joined Springsteen in a rendition of Willow Smiths “Whip my Hair.”

whip my hair bruce springsteen & jimmy fallon... by runawaydream

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