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Louie Season 3, Episode 7 - Louie Looks Back

Louis CK has been doing stand up for a while, and the clip we have to show you from this week's episode of Louie is evidence of that. What does the comedian think as he watches a replay of one of his old stand-up routines?

The clip below is brief and shows Louie watching himself on TV performing an old stand-up comedy routine. Watch what he does as he looks at himself on the TV screen…

It's amusing to me that he seems especially focused on comparing what he looks like on the TV with what he looks like now (using a webcam as a mirror). But that's probably something anyone would do when watching a home video. Except in this case, his "home video" is a TV episode showcasing his work from years ago. It's a completely normal reaction, which is one of the things I love about Louie as a series. Regardless of how successful Louis CK is a comedian, he hasn't lost touch with what it feels like to be (and react like) an average guy.

On that note, if watching the above video made you want to go back and find some of Louis CK's earlier work, I'm right there with you. In fact, you'll find some of it on Youtube, including this video, which shows Louis CK on MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour.

Louie airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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