If you’ve never seen any of Louis C.K.’s stand-up comedy, you’re really missing out on some serious tear-inducing laughter. I think he’s the funniest guy working today, and he’s headed back to HBO for another hour-long comedy special to be taped during his upcoming tour. This is good news for those of us not in one of the 16 cities he is planning to hit on the tour.

Louis C.K. will be executive producing the new HBO special, along with Dave Brecky and Blair Breard, and C.K. will also be directing. HBO plans to air the special sometime in 2013--the tour ends in February, so it will be sometime after that, allowing for some time to edit and produce the special. This will be his second special for HBO; the first,Shameless, came out in 2007.

C.K. picked up an Emmy for another comedy special, Louis CK Live at the Beacon Theatre, a self-produced project that he offered to fans as a download for five bucks, earning him a reported $1.1 million, according to Deadline. Live at the Beacon Theatre is still available for purchase on Louis C.K.’s website along with his other specials and the new tour tickets (which is a good opportunity, if you want a chance to be part of a taping audience). There’s no information as to which of the tour cities will be included in the taping, but it’s still well worth it to go see him if you can – he is seriously funny.

Louis C.K. also recently hosted SNL, but is taking a hiatus on the production of his series, Louie, which will return for Season 4 in 2014. His stand-up career is listed as one of the reasons for the break, and this new special makes the reason clearer. So, while we have to wait for more Louie, we can expect more Louis C.K. live sometime next year, and we'll keep you posted on the air date.

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