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So, the good news is, those of you who need to get caught up on Mad Men and have a subscription to Netflix's streaming video service will have time to do that before Season 6 begins. The less-good news is you'll only have a couple weeks to do it, as the fifth season will become available on the subscription video service on March 25, just two weeks ahead of the Season 6 premiere. But with just 13 episodes in Season 5 of the AMC period drama, two weeks should be plenty of time for the average, dedicated viewer to plow through last year's run of installments. If you need to start from the beginning, you might want to get on top of that sooner rather than later, as we're about to pass the halfway point in March.

Mad Men chronicles the professional and personal life of Jon Hamm's Don Draper, an advertising executive who works at a Madison Avenue advertising agency. Don Draper isn't the only focus of the series. As Netflix's teaser indicates, Betty does get her time to shine (and pout, drink, smoke and slap her daughter).

Netflix currently has Seasons 1-4 available streaming. Season 5 arrives March 25 on Netflix. And Season 6 premieres on April 7. Those eagerly awaiting the return of the drama should check out the recently released teaser and the excellent Season 6 poster.