The ad campaigns for new seasons of Mad Men are always about as posh and attractive as you can get-- and of course they are, since if a show about advertising had terrible ads, we wouldn't be able to take it seriously at all. All around New York I've been noticing teaser posters that either play on the iconic image of Don Draper falling in the opening credits or, on top of taxicabs, promise "Envy is Back" in the Mad Men font. It's been clever and intriguing, but now it's time for the real, official poster-- and believe it or not, it's even more enigmatic than the teasers. Take a look below.

That poster comes via The New York Times, where they actually get Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to talk about what the poster means-- though in terms that might just confuse you further. "This is a dreamlike image […] a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be. By the end of the season, I guarantee you’ll know what it is about.” I wouldn't plan to take that literally-- I doubt we'll see a scene in which Don Draper actually looks wistfully into a shop window full of half-dressed mannequins, and even if we do, it might not shed light on this. But I imagine the shop window is representing for Don something he's now lost-- he's standing on the outside, on a not-so-posh city street as reflected in the window, and watching a familiar scene of seduction. The man is dressed in rich-man velour pajamas. The woman appears to have been wearing the kind of frilly nightie we used to see on Betty Draper. This seems a lot less like Don's upcoming like with Megan than the one he had in Ossining-- and the one that, as the 60s move forward, may be wiped out entirely.

I could be totally off-- it wouldn't be Mad Men if it weren't throwing us curveballs-- but I'm dying to find out how I'm wrong. Mad Men returns, after what feels like an endless hiatus, on Sunday, March 25.

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