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Add The Rolling Stones to the list that includes The Beatles and Mohammad Ali as things that Don Draper doesn’t like. I love the running joke that the coolest guy on TV doesn’t think the coolest things from his era are cool, but never loses his allure even in the time he occupies. This is never proven more so than the attitude the apparent newcomer to SCDP has towards the name Don Draper.

Michael Ginsberg is that newcomer and he is certainly an interesting character. Peggy is forced to hire a new copywriter, male, for the return of Mohawk Airlines and it apparently doesn’t matter that he is Jewish anymore. Michael’s portfolio is quite impressive, but his attitude with Peggy almost loses him the job. When Roger forces Peggy’s hand and has to set up a meet with Don, Peggy isn’t happy for a number of reasons. Michael shines though and I have to say that I am certainly looking forward to more from this confident and neurotic character; particularly with Peggy. It’s the featured scene with Michael at the end of the episode, one between himself and his very religious father, which really paints a depth to this character right off the bat. He seems almost subservient at home, but he is this wild, hip, guy acting out everywhere else; an interesting dichotomy already for a character we just met.

As for the regulars around SCDP, they take a back seat to another outside with the return of Betty. Betty has gone through some changes though, and I don’t just mean her added weight. She seems to have settled into home life all cooped up in her castle, literally, and it's only when Henry’s mother comments that Betty could lose a pound or two that she seeks out help with her weight. Her doctors appointment leads to an unsuspected discovery as she went in for diet pills and left with a possibly cancerous lump. The developments lead to Betty, and subsequently Don, to assess their children’s future lives and the way they might approach them. Betty seems softer and gentler with the kids, even before the news, and we get to really see that she seems to be coming along as a mother. There is less drama with Sally, Henry seems happy with his wife no matter her appearance, and Betty never seemed more genuinely sad at the possible loss of all of this. It’s weird to see both Don and Betty happy, outside the whole cancer scare, and I really feel like marital drama is going to be on the backburner this year for both parties.

I found it very interesting though that the show chose to constantly contrast Megan to Betty throughout the episode. At every turn Betty’s new look was being played up, her dress not zipping/Megan’s does, the doctor barely looks at her where as in the past men could rarely take their eyes off her, Betty has to wear giant night robes while Megan walks around in a bikini, the contrasts are everywhere. I don’t know if the show was just being mean or if they were just showing how Don always needs the nicest model, but it was interesting nonetheless. I liked how they played it the other way too with Megan being an awkward business date compared to the model of perfection that was Betty Draper. All in all it was a nice return for Betty and a fine performance for January Jones who gets far too much crap if you ask me.

Don is, again, not really the lead, but Jon Hamm still gives himself (he directed the episode, handsomely I might add) plenty of good moments to work with. When he finds out Betty might be sick and he doesn’t tell Megan, we expect that this might come back and blow up in his face. Megan continues to prove her strength and versatility though as she brushes off the slight and calls out Don on some of his conniving bullshit (he tries to get out of their Fire Island trip using Betty’s sickness as an excuse) in the process; another impressive week for Megan.

Don and Harry’s excellent adventure to The Rolling Stones concert is a funny diversion, but also shows off another interesting side of Don Draper; concerned father. As Harry gets stoned and flirts with the young girls, Don continues to show how out of touch he can be with the youth movements of the 60’s while simultaneously showing that he has some good fatherly intensions inside him. His conversation with the young girl was one of the highlights of the episode, but the returning interest on show is that Harry Crane is an idiot and a failure.

Roger was the funniest character of the week yet again, but Pete’s power play on Roger’s worth to the company was the most shocking reveal of the week. Playing him from square one, Pete builds up Roger’s confidence by assigning him to the return of the Mohawk account, but it’s mostly for gamesmanship as he sets up the killer blow. In front of everyone in the office, Pete reveals the return of Mohawk and how important he was to the deal, making a joke out of Roger in the office. Pete has come a long way and Roger begrudgingly knows it. It was nice to see Roger and Peggy interact though this week, Peggy seeming to know everyone in the office all too well.

Mad Men continued to plant building blocks for the season this week, but the episode was well done regardless. Betty makes a strong return, Roger keeps falling further, and the new face in the crowd certainly seems to be an interesting one. The show’s biggest reveal towards the season’s future seems to be that they will be possibly dealing with further ethnic stereotypes. Regardless of where this is heading I am just happy to be spending more time with these characters and the new ones we are discovering along the way.


-Don's not going to be learning French.

-Awkward! Megan is not the trophy Betty at the dinner table.

-They think Don can get The Rolling Stones on a whim?

-"Drinking good news?"

-Mohawk is going to crash and burn.

-Dawn, Don. Don, Dawn.

-So much spite in that, "Hello, Harry."

-Betty is just becoming a fat, old housewife?

-Of course Roger thinks Dawn, Don is funny.

-"I'll work on that."

-Doc won't even look at her. Before no one could take her eyes off her.

-What's wrong with Betty?

-Back double?

-Who is this woman?

-Michael kind of a spaz, but kind of funny.

-"It's always darkest before the Dawn over there."

-Have Peggy and Roger ever talked this long?

-Don looks cool to me.

-"I thought that's what you wanted?" What does that mean?

-Quite the Heston story, no?

-Even Don's rolled up tie looks good.

-"Jump on him like Jack Ruby."

-"Who were you talking to?"

-Harry is a creeper.

-"Bye, Harry."

-They are really showing Megan as a sexual counter to Betty.

-Megan called him on his BS.

-That is quite the castle.

-Michael's suit jacket is hideous, but he can sell himself.

-"Romney's a clown..." He he he.

-"I know, your mother's obese." There's the Betty we know and love. Henry's a sweet guy.

-Pete is quite the showman, oh and stabbing Roger while he's at it.

-"When is everything going to get back to normal?"

-Henry really hates, Don.

-"She just needs to have something to call you about."

-Interesting they showed Michael's home life.

-Betty does seem more motherly.

-Two ice creams?