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Malibu Country Preview: Reba Returns To TV This Fall On ABC

Those who've missed seeing Reba on television will be happy with what ABC has set up on their 2012-2013 schedule. Joining ABC's Friday night line-up later this year is Malibu Country, a comedy series starring Reba as a newly divorced woman who's ready to move on with her life and heads to California with her kids to do it.

Malibu Country looks like a fun starting-over comedy with Reba in the starring role, playing a woman looking to to achieve her dreams, and bringing her family along for the ride. In addition to Reba, the cast also includes Sara Rue, Jai Rodriguez and the excellent Lily Tomlin. Can't really go wrong there!

When Reba Gallagher (Reba) discovers that her husband, Bobby, (Jeffrey Nordling) a country music legend, has a cheatin' heart, her world is turned upside down. Reba dreamt of becoming a country star herself, but put her career on hold to raise a family. Now she's questioning all of that, big-time. With the ink on her divorce barely dry, Reba packs up her sharp-tongued mother, Lillie May (Lily Tomlin), her two kids and the U-Haul and heads for sunny California to begin a new chapter.Leaving Nashville in the rear view, they start over at their Malibu residence -- the last remaining asset they have. Reba gets to know her new open and loving neighbor Kim (Sara Rue) and her son, Sage, but also discovers that relocation to Southern California is going to be quite an adjustment for a traditional southern belle: the West Coast seems like the polar opposite of Music City, and Reba feels like an outsider. Still, with the support of her family she sets about finding her voice, jump-starting her music career with the help of her new music agent, Geoffrey (Jai Rodriguez), and embracing this chance to begin again.

It looks cute and something fun for the whole family. It's also fittingly paired with Last Man Standing on ABC's current 2012-2013 line-up. If you're looking forward to Reba's TV return, the good news is that Malibu Country is on the schedule to premiere this fall. The less than good news is that ABC has it aimed for November, so unless that situation changes and things get moved around, you'll have to wait a bit for this one.

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