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True Blood’s new showrunner will be one of their own; it seems co-executive producer Mark Hudis will be taking over the position – assuming the show gets a sixth season of course, which seems likely given its popularity. The highly anticipated and much hyped fifth season has yet to premiere, but it seems HBO is looking to the future already.

Back in February, it was announced that current showrunner Alan Ball will be stepping down after Season 5, although he’ll still be involved with the show. With a sixth season still a matter for a later date, Ball’s decision to move on didn’t leave too serious a void, and it’s taken HBO several months to make a call on who will step into his shoes.

Today Deadline says Mark Hudis is in line for the position, if indeed there is a position to be held once the fate of the series is decided. Hudis has been a co-executive producer on the show since the beginning of season 4, so he’s no stranger to the series. It seems the deal to put him at the helm is part of a larger overall deal he’s signed with HBO, which has a development side to it as well. He’s previously worked on That 70s Show and Nurse Jackie over at Showtime.

Ball, meanwhile, is moving on to his new project Banshee at Cinemax, HBO’s sister network, so he’s keeping it in the family. He’s also reportedly working on some new projects. We’ll have to wait to see if there is a sixth season of True Blood before speculating on what this regime change might mean to the show.

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