Masters Of Sex Poster Gets A Little Bit Risque And Arouses Curiosity

Masters of Sex poster

If Showtime is trying to "arouse America's curiosity" with their new poster, they may very well have succeeded. While the two stars, Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen, sit looking conservative at the center of the key art, the rotated "E" in "Sex" tells a different story. That negative space takes a gently risqué approach in demonstrating a little femininity. And maybe that's the whole point, as the trailer for the series shows the resistance some people had toward the "science" of human sexuality, which is what Sheen and Caplan's characters Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson set out to study.

Sex is a common subject addressed in many a drama series on TV these days, but Showtime's new drama aims to take an even more intimate look at... you know, "that. Masters and Johnson are based on actual people, who teamed up in 1957 as doctor and assistant to research human sexuality, setting off what went on to become the sexual revolution. Masters is described as a brilliant scientist who's out of touch with his own feelings, while Johnson is a single working mother who's a head of her time. The series focuses on their lives, the work they do, their relationship with one another and the significance their work has on society. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer below:

Everything we've seen from this show in the way of promotional content suggests that Masters and Johnson will be great roles for the talented Sheen and Caplan, and the series looks like a great opportunity for Showtime to dabble in Mad Men territory in terms of the time period, with an emphasis on sex and romance (and the occasional space between) both in and out of the lab. And because it's a pay-cable drama, the series can get as risque as it wants (or needs to), delving into the steamy world of sex-ed -- all in the name of science, of course -- for our entertainment. Viewer discretion is probably advised.

While Showtime paired their other new drama Ray Donovan with Dexter this summer, the premium cable channel has Masters of Sex set to debut alongside Homeland, which returns to for its third season this fall. Both series premiere Sunday, September 29 (9:00 p.m. for Homeland, and Masters of Sex airing at 10:00 p.m.), which is just a few weeks away. We have Masters of Sex listed as one of our most highly anticipated new series debuting this fall. See all ten shows that made the list here.

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