Melissa McCarthy is hosting Saturday Night Live this week for the third time. Which is reason enough to anticipate your upcoming Saturday DVR stash; these promotional video clips are simply icing on the very funny cake. And with the bevy of topics just waiting to be touched on this weekend — from the Super Sports Match Show to the Winter Olympics — we’re sure that the supremely hilarious McCarthy is going to knock this one out of the park. It might be hard to beat that Jonah Hill/Leo DiCaprio Titanic moment, but homegirl’s gonna try. Look at all that athleticism! Look at all those sports metaphors!

That Super Sports Match Show is of course a stand-in for the Super Bowl, which the NBC talent cannot mention by name because, horror of horrors, it’s not airing on the peacocked network. No matter, though: the writers have come up with some truly super alternatives that have serious catch-on potential. Like “Football Show,” “Televised Man Battle With Ball,” “Contest of Helmets and Strategy,” and “Live Ball War: The Game.” Obviously it’s up to the National Football League to go ahead and change the name of the event now, since “Super Bowl” is nowhere near as cool and captivating as the aforementioned new titles.

Things continue on a sporty theme when McCarthy brings to the stage the 100%, totally real, not-at-all-newspaper official Olympic Torch. As an Olympian fan, it’s obviously a big deal — lighting it and starting the race to Sochi and all — but even all on her own, McCarthy understands the weight of such an honor and is up to the challenge, even if her compatriot in promo comedy, Kenan Thompson, is less than confident.

Previous appearances by McCarthy have also been fairly sporty, and led to some pretty memorable and outlandish characters, including the violent Coach Kelly.

Or our personal favorite, Arlene the aggressive sexual harasser.

Needless to say we’re excited for McCarthy’s upcoming turn on SNL. So, shhhh, just let it happen.

Melissa McCarthy hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Imagine Dragons on Saturday, February 1st at 11:35PM on NBC.

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