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Although the lead has yet to be cast, two supporting roles were filled today for the Hilary Winston comedy pilot over at NBC. Mena Suvari and Kyle Howard are both on board for the project, and So You Think You Can Dance judge Adam Shankman has already been tapped to direct the project.

The Hollywood Reporter has the word that Mena Suvari and Kyle Howard are the latest to be cast in the pilot, which has already added Aubrey Dollar but as of yet has no one in the top role. The project is a single camera comedy that tells the story of a woman named Agnes whose co-workers and friends back their shy friend in an attempt to rise above being dumped by her fiancé – and get her vengeances in the meantime.

Suvari, who will forever be pictured in a bathtub full of roses thanks to her unforgettable role in American Beauty, recently spent some time on American Horror Story as the infamous Black Dahlia and also recently starred in the latest American Pie installation, American Reunion. That’s a lot of American titles on the resume, Mena. Let’s hope this currently untitled project comes up with something a little different. She will be playing a “promiscuous party girl” on the pilot – sounds like just the person to get a shy woman over being dumped.

Also on for the pilot is Kyle Howard, know for My Boys and more recently Royal Pains. He’s got a long resume in television and is a strong addition to the cast. His character is described only as a “former jock”. Both characters are part of Agnes’ team in the effort to overcome the aforementioned fiancé-dumping. We’ll have to wait and see who turns up for the lead.

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