You know how everyone has random things they're approximately twenty percent more on board with than the rest of society? These are not to be confused with things most people think are terrible and you love. For example: I randomly love gas station hot dogs, but deep down, I know they're logs of mystery meat with little nutritional value. What I'm talking about are things like pretzels. Most people are like a B- on pretzels. They'll munch on 'em if they're around, but the majority of the time, they'd choose Doritos or other available snack foods first. I, on the other hand, can't get enough of the stick forms. I randomly like them twenty percent more than most people.

The same logic applies to Mike O'Malley. I don't know anyone that hates Mike O'Malley, but I'm way more than neutral. I think he's hilarious and a very underrated actor. I liked him as the host of Guts. I thought his Da Rick commercials were brilliant. He's good in Glee, and I even approved of his work on Yes, Dear. Needless to say, I'm very pleased about this casting news.

According to Deadline, O'Malley has been cast as the lead in Shawn Levy's upcoming Family Album. You may remember just yesterday comedian Rob Huebel boarded the Fox pilot as the main character's brother. I could see him being related to Mike O'Malley.

Family Album follows an awkward former jock as he gets overly excited about the idea of family bonding. Each summer, he packs the clan up for an extended road trip in a desperate attempt to finally get it right. The individual vacations will serve as season long story arcs.

With Night At The Museum helmer Shawn Levy on to direct and a proven sitcom actor like Mike O'Malley on board, it's hard to imagine this won't see the light of day. I've already penciled it into my television watching schedule whenever Fox decides to air it next season. If you're a fan of clever, yet blue comedy, I'd recommend you do the same.

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