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Mila Kunis is going back to where she got her acting debut – the 70s. This time though, she won’t be in front of the cameras. Kunis is working on a drama project for the CW set in 1972 that focuses on the feminist movement. She’ll be executive producing alongside Party of Five creator Chris Keyser.

Mila Kunis got her start on That 70s Show as the rich and obnoxious Jackie, a show I have recently been revisiting on Netflix and find as funny as ever. Since leaving that role behind she has mainly been working in movies, although she does still lend her voice to Fox’s Family Guy. It seems she is ready to take a crack at approaching television from the producing side. Deadline says Kunis is working on Meridian Hills for the CW, and it sounds like a good fit for the network.

Meridian Hills is set in a country club in the Midwest during the turbulent early 70s when the Equal Rights Amendment had just been passed and state ratification is in progress. It focuses on a young newlywed who joins the Junior League and teams up with an unlikely group of compatriots in the quest to change an antiquated and sexist system.

The drama is being written and executive produced along with Kunis and Keyser by Sydney Sidner. It’s being produced by CBS TV Studios and Tannebaum Co., with Erica and Kim Tannenbaum on as executive producers. Rounding out the executive producer list are Lisa Sterbakov, Cami Curtis and Susan Curtis.

Meridian Hills joins a number of female-focused dramas in development at the CW, including two projects from former 90210 showrunner Rebecca Sinclair.