Mockingbird Lane Clip Has Herman And Eddie Checking Out The New House

Tonight, NBC will air Bryan Fuller's Mockingbird Lane. Originally intended to be a pilot for a Munsters reboot series, NBC's airing it as a Halloween special ahead of tonight's episode of Grimm. Check out this clip from the special, which has the Munsters checking out their new home.

Mockingbird Lane reintroduces us to the monster family the Munsters as they settle into their new home. As we mentioned in our review of the special, part of the plot involves Eddie coming to learn that he has his own undiscovered monster tendencies. His parents have kept this information from him, and as you'll see in the clip below, they're continuing to keep him in the dark, even as they move to a new neighborhood, after an incident. But Eddie does make one discovery during the conversation...

"Moving away is a form of goodbye," Herman tells Eddie. Um... true...

I love the way it starts with a silhouette of Herman in front of the porch lamp, which makes him look like Frankenstein, complete with flat head and neck plugs. These little visual bits of humor are part of what I thought worked really well for the special. I'm also a fan of the way Bryan Fuller twists humor and dark subject matter into a sweet, charming story. I was a fan of Pushing Daisies and I think I would've enjoyed Mockingbird Lane as a series, if the pilot had been picked up. As of right now, it doesn't look like that's happening, but those who want to see the pilot will have their chance tonight (Friday, October 26) when it airs on NBC at 8:00 p.m. Read our full review of the special here.

Kelly West
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