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NBC made a very, very stupid decision when they decided to pass on Modern Family back in 2009, even though I see why they made the decision. There were already two mockumentary-style sitcomes during the Thursday night comedy block, The Office and Parks & Recreation, and NBC didn’t feel a third was necessary. However, it seems likely most people would have taken a third mockumentary over an entire season of Outsourced.

NBC's loss was definitely ABC's gain, as Modern Family has crushed, especially with award nominations and DVR viewership. If you aren’t caught up on the family comedy, have no fear: Modern Family: The Complete Second Season will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on September 20.

Bonus features on the disc look nice, but not particularly extensive. There will be four featurettes, including one on Mitch’s flash mob, which was definitely the trendiest, if not one of the best moments in Season 2. Also included will be a discussion with co-creator Steve Levitan, an “Imagine Me Naked” music video, and an “At Home with Modern Family” segment. Without outtakes, ABC has really missed a great opportunity with the Season 2 set. Yes, the Modern Family set will include a gag reel, as well as deleted and extended scenes, but it seems unlikely they will be available at the end of each episode—which is far more helpful in understanding where the cut jokes would have fit.

Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by comedy series like The Office--if there is anything NBC gets right, it is outtakes on the DVD sets. You don’t want to watch all of the deleted stuff at the very end of the season, or wherever the extras are tacked on. You want to watch outtakes when they are fresh and relevant. I guess no network can win ‘em all.

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