Molly Shannon is a big personality. In fact, I would venture to say she is one of the most polarizing stars in the history of Saturday Night Live. While other shine playing understated and clever, she lives and dies by the loud and typically masculine sword of look-at-me comedy. Some people love it, more hate it, but almost no one is neutral. Ask a room full of people their thoughts on Molly Shannon, and the argument will inevitably split into two clear, concise camps. One of those camps is about to be real excited, and the other should stand at attention, ready to roll their eyes.

According to Deadline, HBO has just put the go-ahead on a new comedy from Simpsons writer Tim Long. The show will star Shannon as a forty-something Nun who breaks from her faith to give the real world a try for the first time. Emotionally-crippled and in no way prepared, Shannon's character will go on an odyssey of R-rated magnitude that will see her question religion, sexuality and the very core of her life itself. There will also apparently be singing.

I could not be less excited. Molly Shannon reminds me of Jenna from 30 Rock, but then again, I'm typically excited about most things HBO does. If this project ever makes it to the small screen, I'm good for one episode to be possibly extended on a probationary basis.

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