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While Jay Leno might be giving up his seat as host of the Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien, NBC isn’t kicking Leno to the curb. Instead, it looks like they’re offering him a brand new show, which will air on weeknights before The Tonight Show.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that the new deal is expected to be announced tomorrow at a press conference. According to THR, Leno’s new show will air on NBC at 10:00 PM, before The Tonight Show. Conan O’Brien is scheduled to take over as host of the The Tonight Show next fall. Leno’s new series will presumably start then as well.

There’s been no word about the format of the new series but apparently Leno has said he only wants to host a new show with the traditional Tonight Show format. So I guess everybody wins here. People who didn’t want Leno to go can watch him at 10 and O’Brien fans can catch him afterwards on The Tonight Show