Justin Bieber is so famous, his haircut topped Google searches in 2011. Now, currently on a short tour promoting the album Believe, the 18-year-old star nearly caused riots in Norway and made a spectacle of himself in Mexico City, where a crowd of over 200,000 fans rocked out to some of the singer’s biggest hits. The young musician may be able to get fans to show up and girls to swoon all around the world, but apparently he can’t beat the prowess of So You Think You Can Dance on summertime television.

Last month, NBC announced the network would air Justin Bieber: All Around the World, which would take a look at Bieber’s tour through seven countries in only 12 days. Clearly, fans were interested in the tour, but that wasn’t enough to get them to show up to catch the star on NBC. In a night of limited new programming and mostly reruns, THR is reporting All Around the World only brought in 3.3 million viewers.

Fox won the night with a new episode of So You Think You Can Dance, which earned almost double what NBC’s Bieber special earned in viewers, with 6.5 million people showing up. NBC also lost to ABC and CBS, which is pretty sad considering the only new fodder on those networks to compete with was CBS’ quirky Dog in the City and ABC’s less-than-stellar singing show Duets.

I’m still pretty certain the world is not over Bieber, but the type of people around to watch prime time on a Wednesday probably were not on board to begin with.The Biebs may have conquered music and may have taken a good run at movies with the almost one hundred million dollar Never Say Never, but clearly, the small screen is still impervious to his boyish charm.

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