Is this what they call a silver lining? NBC's new sitcom Whitney couldn't be any less appealing based solely on the comedienne's previous work, the horrible promotional materials and, well, the comedienne's previous work. Yes, this is perhaps overly unfair but she's a divisive comic, some find her style of shouting her jokes at you hilarious, others find it grating, which is pretty much the death of funny. So, what's this silver lining? They've just added a genuinely hilarious talent in Ken Marino.

According to THR, the funny-man best known his turn as Ron Donald on Starz' cancelled too soon Party Down , is being enlisted by the sitcom for a recurring guest spot. You may also know the great sketch comedian from his work with the The State crew or even as Dr. Glenn Ritchie on the funny, if not completely bat-shit crazy Children's Hospital (Rob Corddry's spoof of the medical drama). He oozes funny and this couldn't be a better move for the show that's apparently spotty at best. As you can tell, I'm not the biggest Whitney Cumming's fan so for an unbiased review of her new show, check out Kelly's write up here.

Even from someone who apparently can stand her act, Kelly mentions that the show isn't doing anything really new or exciting and even struggles to find some big laughs. Sporting the likes of stand-up comedian-creator Cummings and her co-star and fellow stand-up Chris D'Elia you wouldn't think the show would be lacking in the laughs but, if I've learned anything watching sitcoms for the last however many years, is you can definitely never have enough. Ken Marino will at least be able to provide some, that is a guarantee, during his multiple episode guest spot as D'Elia's older brother. Yes, I guaranteed funny. That is not smart.

Whitney premieres Thursday, September 22nd at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.

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