After a strong start, ABC’s Nashville only did middlingly well in the ratings during its freshman season on the network, but it did get nominated for some awards, including Golden Globe, People’s Choice Awards, and Writers Guild of America nominations. The awards support likely led to Nashville’s Season 2 renewal, and if you haven’t caught the fun but soapy drama, you’ll be able to catch up on Season 1 when it hits DVD on September 17.

Nashville Season 1 DVD

ABC currently has some of the Season 1 episodes available to watch online, but if you want the season at your fingertips, the DVD should be a good option. While ABC Studios’ release will run at a fairly steep $45.99, Amazon has the set available for pre-order for $31.86. Some basic extras like bloopers and deleted scenes will be available with the set, but a few unique bonus features will be available, as well.

Nashville is a show about two country queens both living in Nashville and working on their respective careers, although it can sometimes be tough for a veteran of the business and a trendy young thing to find common ground. The city of Nashville is at the heart of the drama, and it’s fitting that fans will get a behind-the-scenes tour in “Nashville Comes To Nashville,” a segment that tours the landscapes and buildings that make the show authentic. Additionally, Rayna’s kids on the show, played by Lennon and Maisy Stella, get their own segment on the disc. You can check out the full list of bonus features, below.

Nashville DVD Bonus Features
  • Nashville Comes to Nashville”
  • “On The Record – The ‘B’ Side”
  • The Stellas Go On “Tour”
  • Deleted Scene
  • Bloopers

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