Fashion programs on TV often tie in lines of other clothing and related products. In one of this past season’s episodes of Project Runway, Heidi Klum had contestants design casual-wear to go with a line of New Balance shoes she was promoting. With Elle Macpherson’s Fashion Star heading to NBC, it would stand to reason the program would have some product tie-ins, just like Project Runway. However, celebrity mentor and fashion extraordinaire Nicole Richie is set to take the tie-in thing a step further.

Richie is set to launch a fashion line on QVC as a tie-in to Fashion Star. According to the US Weekly, the former Simple Life star will reportedly unveil her new line on QVC in February. Richie’s line is for women who aren’t afraid to take risks, but it will be made for a fairly wide audience as well. According to US Weekly:
“The line is cute -- it can be worn by teeny-tiny girls but also goes up to size XXXL. Nicole has a great fashion sense, and she's very hands-on."

Unlike Project Runway, NBC’s Fashion Star will cater its contestants toward those able to create wearable fashion. For Richie to create a coinciding fashion line catering toward women of all shapes and sizes almost seems like a no-brainer. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the articles appeared on an episode. I wouldn’t even be shocked if one of the challenges on the upcoming show will revolve around the Fashion Show mentor’s look-book. Good or bad, I can’t wait to see how Richie’s line turns out.

You can look into the upcoming show Fashion Star over at NBC.

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