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A lot of things are still up in the air for what’s going to happen when Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC for Season 2 next year – or should we say they’re on the water? In any case, the horror drama has promoted Colman Domingo, who plays the well-connected and savvy Victor Strand, to the main cast as a regular, so we presumably won’t have to worry about him getting shot or bitten for his expensive watches any time soon. (Spoilers below, but you should have caught up by now.)

The sharply dressed Strand entered the story pretty late in Season 1, getting introduced in the fifth episode as a prisoner inside of the hospital not long before everything went kablooey. He took a liking to Nick, particularly his additive nature, and helped him escape, which led to all the main characters coming together to travel to Strand’s gorgeous oceanfront home. His yacht, Abigail, was hinted at being a possible escape route – if not to escape the zombies in general, than just the mainland for a spell. Given his importance to the story’s future, it only makes sense that he’s confirmed to be around a lot more.

We still don’t know that much about Strand, either, beyond his wiliness and dedication to getting his way. His wealth doesn’t do him much good in this new world, but the intelligence it took to attain that wealth will certainly be an asset. I want to see him and Ruben Blades’ Daniel Salazar get some scenes together, as they’re the two characters that seem most mentally equipped to handle the new world disorder.

To take a pessimistic approach to things, it’s entirely possible that Domingo will be around for the first chunk of Season 2 as the boat-on-water story progresses, and then killed off soon after when his possessions aren’t guiding Madison and Travis’ clan (minus Liza) to survival. After all, being out in the ocean for a long time is just a stop-gap kind of solution, and maybe Strand’s smarts don’t extend to badassery and zombie-mauling. We’ll have to wait and see.

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead just went into production in Baja, Mexico, according to THR, at the Baja Studios set where Titanic, All is Lost and other huge water-based movies were filmed. That should make for some epic scope once things get started again.

Fear the Walking Dead is set to debut its 15-episode Season 2 at some point in 2016.