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The Originals premiered last week to alright ratings, but it seems people may have caught up by watching the series premiere via other platforms later in the week. Only time will tell if The Originals will manage to crush in the ratings over the long haul, but in the meantime, the CW has put together a pretty compelling advertisement for this week’s episode, “House of the Rising Son.”

If you’ve been keeping tabs on The Originals backdoor pilot and premiere episode, you know The Vampire Diaries’ Elijah and Klaus have headed to New Orleans, where they have encountered some witches, a vampire named Marcel who is in control of NOLO, and a very pregnant Hayley. But in the preview for next week, it finally looks as if Rebekah will play a bigger part in the plot. Actress Claire Holt told E! that while the first couple of entries into the new series took a long, hard look at Klaus and Elijah, “House of the Rising Son” will focus more on Rebekah.
"Her primary goal is to come to New Orleans and find Elijah. Right now, that's her quest, her mission, and she doesn't really care for making relationships with other people, or bonding...She thinks that she's just going to pack up and leave as soon as she finds Elijah. There's obviously history that makes her stick around. Like a very hot guy."

If you caught the preview it looks like there might actually be some hanky panky going on between Rebekah and bad boy Marcel, and apparently The Originals, like The Vampire Diaries, will have its own love triangle in the works. While the love premise may nod a lot at The Originals’ sister show, actress Leah Pipes says it will be much more than that.
"There's definitely two girls pining after one guy so that is a triangle, but I think the show is a much more political show than just love triangles...It's a turf war. In a lot of ways it's a gangster show.”

So, there you have it Originals fans. If you tune in for tonight’s episode, the CW is promising the love triangle plots you know you love, as well as some more sinister fights, all set in New Orleans. Additionally, Holt says the show will get into plenty of flashback sequences that explain how Marcel initially came into the fold and how he became the vampire he is today.
"We're going to see more of the history of Marcel and the family and how we got to where we are now.”

All in all, it sounds like an action-packed episode, and you can catch the freshman drama on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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