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Partying With The Walking Dead And Weezer At Comic Con

Comic-Con is a lot of things, one of which is an opportunity for celebrity encounters. With so many TV shows and movies being promoted here, there are no shortage of famous and familiar faces, and we saw some of them on Friday night at The Walking Dead party, which began with a black carpet celebrity arrival and led into a rocking outdoor party set up in a parking lot, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Robert Kirkman's beloved zombie comic The Walking Dead. The stars aligned (or mingled, anyway), zombies wandered around, and Weezer took the stage for a pretty fantastic set.

The red carpet back drop was grassy and overgrown, with a few Hyundai cars parked in the bushes and not looking nearly as beat up as we might expect them to be in an actual zombie apocalypse setting…

Hyundai cars

The zombies arrived before the celebrities did, and they showed off their excellent make-up jobs and shuffling-around abilities, occasionally getting in people's faces and hissing, or standing and staring blankly at whatever caught their attention.


zombie make-up

And then we started to a few more alive and very familiar faces, including Seth Green, Weezer, Grey Damon, Sean Astin and the beautiful Jaime Murray…

Seth Green


Gray Damon

Sean Astin

Jaime Murray

But wait… isn't this the Walking Dead party? Where are all the stars of the TV show? There were a few actors there to represent the TV adaptation of the comic book. In addition to series creator Robert Kirkman, we also saw David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, and Chad Coleman...

Robert Kirkman

David Morrissey

Danai Gurira profile

Danai Gurira

Chad Coleman

And we actually had a chance to talk to executive producer David Alpert about the upcoming season. "Some time has passed," he told us, when I asked him about where things pick up in Season 4. "There's been some huge events at the end of Season 3. And the reactions to those events is really going to be driving where we start. But there's been some emotional processing that's happened in the off season. So we're going to pick up a little bit later on. So I think, where we start is going to surprise some people. I don't think they know exactly what we're doing. Because it took me by surprise. To me, that's one of the great things about the show. But those first few minutes of Episode 1 of this season is really going to knock people off their feet."

I was curious about what we might see from Carl in the new season, given the events of Season 3, when Carl was faced with the choice to pull the trigger or show mercy. Given the darker side of Carl that's been revealed, I wondered if we'd see more of that or if Rick will succeed in reeling him back in. "I think you're going to see Rick trying to reel him back in," Alpert told us. "But I think you're going to see circumstances put unbelievable pressure on this wonderful little piece of coal and he's either going to turn into a diamond or he's going to crack. And I think that journey is really going to be at the heart of what we're dong this season." He says the subject of Carl is something the writers are often challenged with trying to understand, so it should be interesting to see what happens with the boy in the new season.

Getting back to the event, the black carpet began to wrap up just as Weezer took the stage, kicking off their set with "My Name is Jonas." The concert was set up inside the party area, which was sectioned off from the rest of the parking lot. A lot of people moved forward to watch the band perform. I'd say they performed for close to an hour, managing to hit some of the fan favorites, including "Beverly Hills" and "Buddy Holly." They saved "The Sweater Song" for the encore.


Weezer concert

Weezer drummer

We circulated throughout the party, checking out the decor and food and drink situation. Not only were there great little food trucks offering sandwiches, fries and other grilled goodies, but there was also a drink fountain station, for those who opted to skip the bar.

Food truck


Drink fountains><Br><Br> But there was a bar. And set in the center was a car that looked fully ready to handle the zombie apocalypse. I'm thinking the cast of <i>The Walking Dead</i> would appreciate a ride like this one. <br><Br> <img src= alt=

Zombie car back><br><br> And here's a close-up of the trunk of the car…<Br><Br> <img src= alt=

There was some Chop Shop decor also…

Chop shop

And a place where people could get their photo taken in a prison cell with a couple of zombies.

prison zombies

They were showing the photos on a monitor near the display…

zombie photos

There was food, drinks, and even more celebrities milling about. I saw Edward James Olmos, Miles Teller, among others that I didn't manage to snag a photo. And at one point, I found myself standing face to face with Nathan Fillion, though I wasn't able to grab his attention long enough to get a photo.The encounter was probably only seconds long before he was whisked off to parts unknown, but the memory of the partial eye-contact will last a lifetime. And that wraps it up. You can view more photos from the event in our gallery!

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