Why Are People Mad About These Glee And Rachel Ray Pictures?

Well, it's been a week of overreactions. The new Glee photo spread in GQ has people all up in arms about what's happening with young people these days. Apparently there are many who feel female cast members for a show whose primary audience is younger people shouldn't be allowed to take sexually suggestive pictures.

I mean I guess I understand where people are coming from, sort of, but being bothered by something like this, to me, really begs the question of when this rationale should stop. Is it OK to be bothered by pictures like this but not bothered by actors who appear in children's programming and then do other movies that feature swearing and violence? What makes any of us think we can or should even try to control the creative choices of people in the industry based on what other projects they're working on.

And this isn't just limited to stuff appealing to teenagers either. We've recently seen other similar controversies with celebs like Rachel Ray who apparently aren't allowed to appear in racy photo spreads either. So, when does it stop? Seriously?

I say live and let people live, and if that involves people taking pictures they want to take, so be it. If you don't want to consume them, don't.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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