Preview: Monk Wraps Up Its Final Season This Friday

Because USA has an abundance of outstanding original programming, I want to say that it’s ok that Monk is coming to an end. But the truth is, I’m sad to see the series go. Unlike quite a few other series that started out great and eventually, outlived the high standards they set for themselves in their earlier seasons, Monk not only aired for eight seasons, but thanks to excellent writing and acting, it also managed to stay good for the length of its run. So it is with mixed emotions that I post these last few videos as they’re from the final episode of the series. I'm sad to see the show end but I'm definitely excited to see how things wrap up for everyone!

This article contains references and opinions from the first part of the series finale, so if you’re not caught up yet, read no further! If you are, in addition to a summary of last week’s episode, we also have some videos from the second part of the finale further down!

When looking at Adrian’s character, I think Stottlemeyer put it best during the first part of the series finale when he said, “I always thought that Monk was not all there. Like there was something missing. Like he was less than human. But he wasn’t missing anything. He was seeing more than anybody. He was feeling more than anybody. That was his problem. He was too human. If we had more like him, we’d be better off.” He summed up Monk’s character perfectly and while I wouldn’t argue with what he said, his words do worry me as he was speaking of Monk in the past tense as though he were already dead. Sure, this could just be the captain coming to accept that there’s nothing more he can do to help Adrian but should we take this as a warning? A little clue from the writers that things aren’t going to end happily for Adrian? Is Monk going to die or will he figure out what’s poisoning him at the last minute and save himself from certain death as he’s done so many times before?

Trudy’s killer, the Judge, (or as I like to refer to him, “Coach”) played by guest-star Craig T. Nelson had Monk poisoned and there isn’t much time left. Being on the brink of death was enough to get Adrian to finally sit down and open the gift Trudy left for him before she died twelve years ago. What was in the little box? A video tape! And while we got to see Trudy’s introduction to what appears to be some kind of confession, we were left hanging on the rest of it. Why was Trudy murdered? Will Monk survive? We’ll find out when the series concludes on Friday night!

Below are a few video clips from Part 2 of the Monk series finale, which will air on Friday night (December 4th) at 9:00 p.m. ET on USA.

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