Radio Rebel's Merritt Patterson Signs On For Pretty Little Liars Spinoff Ravenswood

Kyle XY and Supernatural actress Merritt Patterson has signed on with ABC Family for Ravenswood, the network’s straight-to-series spinoff of the hit scripted drama, Pretty Little Liars. Patterson has signed on as a series regular in Ravenswood, which should be a big step for a young woman who has mostly earned guest stints on television and a few roles in TV movies like Radio Rebel.

In Ravenswood, Merritt will play Tess, a young woman who happens to be besties with a girl named Olivia, who will be played by Elizabeth Whitson on the show. According to THR, Tess will be one of the characters who will not be affected by the curse that will be at the center of the plot in Ravenswood. She’s set to begin appearing in episodes after Ravenswood’s Halloween introduction during an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Ravenswood has been working hard to fill out its cast over the last several weeks. First, ABC Family announced Pretty Little Liars regular Tyler Blackburn would leave the hit series in order to headline the spinoff. Just a couple of days ago, the show added Brett Dier and Whitson, who will play twins in Ravenswood. Each of these actors will pop up in the upcoming Halloween episode of PLL in order to effectively spin off the series. However, since Tess won’t be a part of the Halloween gig, her casting has come a little early.

If you are excited about the PLL spinoff, keep your eyes peeled for more Ravenswood casting news.

Jessica Rawden
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