Real Estate Drama Hot Property Bought By ABC Family

The New York real estate market, in all of its high costs and market fluctuations, has been discussed in films and on television before, humorously in last year’s Wanderlust, when the couple buys a teeny tiny apartment they can barely afford. Now, it seems, ABC Family wants a piece of the New York real estate pie. To do so, the network has signed on for Hot Property, a one-hour drama based on a book written by Selling New York matriarch Michele Kleiner, and her daughters, Samantha and Sabrina.

The book basically looks at the women’s work in the Manhattan real estate market through the eyes of fictional characters and THR is reporting the ABC Family project will follow a similar plot. In the drama project, Elizabeth Chase and her two daughters, Kate and Isabel, work long hours in the city. Their devotion to their jobs and the women’s super close relationships with one another can sometimes take a toll on their personal lives. Jane by Design writer Melissa Carter is on board to write Hot Property. Bryan Furst, Sean Furst, Richard Shepard are set to produce.

ABC Family has spent the last few months re-signing network favorites and adding new shows to the schedule. Last month, Jennifer Lopez’s The Fosters was picked up to series along with another program called Twisted. Earlier this week, Baby Daddy was picked up for a third season ahead of its second season premiere. All in all, the network seems to be building a pretty sweet schedule, but I’m not sure if Hot Property will be able to hit the family friendly tone the network’s programming usually takes. We’ll let you know if Hot Property moves forward to series at the cable network.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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